Tracking your Time

Start tracking a Task

  • Enter a description in the 'What are you doing?' field in the Timer screen, you will get suggestions of existing tasks as you type.
  • Alternatively you can touch the bars icon to the right of the description field to select from a list of tasks
  • If you are tracking a new task, select the client and/or project as required
  • Touch the start button to start tracking time on your task

How to add a Project?

  • You can add a Project from the Timer screen by touching the plus icon to the right of the project field
  • When adding a new project you can select a color code and client. You can also optionaly enter billing details such as an hourly rate, overtime rate, overtime cut-off time and a budget.
  • Alternatively you can add a project by touching the menu and selecting New Project option. When you save the project you will be prompted if you want to add tasks then.

How to add a Client?

  • You can add a client from the Timer screen
  • Touch the + icon to the right of the client field to add a new client
  • Enter the Client's name and optionally an address for billing/invoice purposes
  • You can also enter billing details including hourly and overtime rates
  • Save the client, it will automatically be selected in the Timer
  • You can now enter a new Task and start the timer, it will be associated with your new Client

Starting a Pomodoro/Countdown Timer

  • You can use the Pomodoro Technique with Easy Tempus while you work. This involves working in 25 minutes periods followed by a 5 minute break
  • To use the Pomodoro technique, enter or select your task and then touch the orange timer icon instead of the start icon
  • A 25 minute countdown timer will start, you can pause or stop the timer at any time
  • You can also configure the countdown interval by opening Settings > Timer and selecting the interval you want in the countdown time option

Can I track time on a Project without a Task?

  • You can track time on a project using the timer or add manually without specifying a task
  • To use the Timer, select the project, leave the task description blank and start the Timer
  • To add time manually, again specify the project, then in the Task drop down select the 'Unspecified' task
  • Time will appear logged to your project, the task will be listed as 'Unspecified' in any other screens or when you generate a report or Invoice
  • You can change the default description of 'Unspecified' by opening the Project from the navigation menu (swipe right to open). Select the project and then in the Tasks tab select the Unspecified task, touch the edit icon and enter a different description. Save when finished