Track your time and Get paid

Manage Timesheets, Invoices and much more

Track the time you spend working using a Timer or record it at a later stage

Review your work in the Activity feed or Calendar view

Generate reports or invoices from your time and bill your Clients

Track Time Easily

Easy Tempus lets you record time while working whether at home, at the office or out on the go you can record your time generate timesheet reports and bill clients with ease. Run a timer in the background while you work and review your work later and see your daily earnings quickly and easily.

Calendar view and import

Easy Tempus lets you see how you have spent your time as the week progresses, you can update and add time entries in the calendar screen. You can also import events on your google calendar into easy tempus and record this as time for a project.

Review your work

The history tab lets you review your work at a glance. It gives you a quick easy to scan list of what you have been working on for the last few days. You can open time entries and amend them or add notes quickly and without hassle.

Your Time Dashboard

The dashboard lets you see a breakdown of your work for this month, last month and the last six months(requires premium upgrade). You can view a pie chart of your work over each period and see a day by day or month by month record of your hours spent on each project. You can also filter the dashboard view by selecting a particular project and view the charts by time or by your earnings.

Create Reports and Invoices

You can easily create a timesheet report or invoice with Easy Tempus. If you choose to purchase the premium upgrade you can also generate professional looking PDF or HTML invoices for your clients. Reports and invoices can be generated in CSV or Excel and with the premium upgrade you create professional looking PDF and HTML documents. You can also view a report in the app without having to generate a file.

Store notes and photos

Enter notes and take a photo to record your work. You can view notes easily in the History tab or drill down into each project and view each project's notes. Use the search feature to search all your notes and easily find your content later.

Track time with GPS or Wifi

Set a location or Wifi network for your project or task and have the timer start automatically when you are present at a location or connected to a Wifi network. The timer will stop once you leave or disconnect.

Record Expenses and Mileage

Record your project expenses and mileage and generate expense reports for your clients as needed. You can take a photo of expense receipts and store them with your expense data on your device for safe keeping.

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