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Track your Time, Manage your Work and Send Invoices easily

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Track your Time while you Work

Easy Tempus lets you track your time. You can use the Timer to track while you work or add time later. The Calendar view lets you see how you've been spending your week. You can see a breakdown of your how you spend your time in the Dashboard or create a report or invoice.

Review your Work

The History tab shows your all your time tracked, notes, and reports. Review what time you've entered over the last few days, make changes or add notes to your Time here.

Your Time Analytics

Touch the Dashboard icon to view your Dashboard, see a chart of your time weekly, monthly or yearly. See a breakdown of billable vs. non-billable time. A pie chart shows you a breakdown of your time by task description.

Calendar - add or import time

The Calendar tab shows you your time on a weekly or monthly Calendar. You can edit time entries, add new time or import time from events on your Google Calendar.

Create Reports and Invoices

You can create a customized report or invoice easily. Filter by Client, Project or Task and select the date range you require. You can reports in CSV, Excel, HTML or PDF formats. Easily share or email your files from the Reports tab (Long press a file).

Send Professional
Looking Invoices

Create and send professional looking invoices in PDF or HTML formats, easily share or email them to your Clients.

Plus there's more

  • Set Project or Client Budgets
  • Automatically track time based on your Location or Wifi network
  • Create a custom dashboard Report
  • Manage Your Expenses and add to Invoices (Premium Feature)
  • Automatically add your tracked time to your Google Calendar (Premium Feature)
  • Backup your data to Google Drive or Dropbox